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An ad for the new, unique baseball yearbook!

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An ad for cool, crisp, refreshing Pepsi-Cola

A letter from the Editor outlining his opinion with regard to the magazine and science fiction.

An ad for the training services of the international correspondence schools.

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An ad for refreshing Wrigley's spearmint chewing gum.

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An ad for top quality, easily affordable Gillette shaving blades

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Ads for instruction in the ways to quickly build big muscle for a variety of muscle groups through training with the company's equipment, the selling of well made suits, and comfortable, stylish hose.

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An ad for training supplied by the Interstate Home Study that prepares subscribers for government employment.

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Ads for radio operator training, earning more money selling for Nimrod Lines, completing High School at home in 2 years, indestructible photo rings, and better figures by the Filmprint Co.

Military Explosives.pdf

Malcom Jameson describes several forms of military explosives, including: general explosives, armor piercing rounds, fulminates, propellants, fuses, primers, and powdered explosives. The purpose of the article is to describe, at a basic level,…
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