June 1941 Issue

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June 1941 Issue


Jazmin Lucio, Bobby Guild

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Cover Page June 1941
The cover page features an illustration of the issue's first story: Time Wants a Skeleton by Ross Rocklynne. In this scene, Tony is clearly in a rush because at this point in the story, it is beginning to become evident who is the most likely to die…

Listerine Advertisement
Promotes Listerine as a remedy for dandruff.

Classified Advertising - June 1941
Advertisement for various items and services to include: Patents, Photo developing, Correspondence courses, Detectives, Gold, Music, Magic, and Songwriting

Eveready Battery Advertisement
A truthful and brief narration of a near-death experience that showcases the utility of Eveready.

Corona Typewriter, J.C. Field & Son, Franklin Institute, Lasalle Extension University Advertisments
Advertisements for Corona portable typewriters, new custom tailored suites from J.C. Field & Son, U.S. Government job postings provided by the Franklin Institute, and Career Training for jobs as an Accountant at Lasalle Extension University.

Machinists Handybook Advertisement
An advertisement that promotes "Audel's New Machinists Handybook," which covers modern machine shop practice in a wide variety of branches.

Big League Book Advertisement
An advertisement for "The Big League Book" that describes its unique baseball-related contents.

Advertisements for tailored suits by H.J. Collins that will help men in the workforce, Custom rings with inserted photos made by the Picture Ring Co., Bell-ans Tablets for relieving indigestion, and "The Leopard Strikes" in the July Issue of Shadow…

Coyne Electrical School Advertisement
An advertisement focusing on the financial and educational benefits of attending the Coyne Electrical School.

Time Wants A Skeleton
Interestingly, Time Wants a Skeleton is more of a "backwards" mystery. In the beginning of the story, Tony finds a skeleton with a peculiar ring on it. Soon after this chilling discovery, the gang of friends are transported far back into time. After…
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