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January 1942 Issue

Military Explosives.pdf

Cover depicts one of the flying ships featured in "Breakdown" by Jack Williamson, the backbone of cargo and the foundation of the culture of the…

Contributors: Lee Mracek, Noah Cortes

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February 1943 Issue

Probability Zero (dragged).pdf

Contributors: Kristofer Preza, Nikolas Preza

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April 1945 Issue


Science Fiction Magazine

Contributors: Sami Ahmed, Robert Cote

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September 1943 Issue

25 JudgementNight.pdf

Contributors: Prit Shah, Brendon Machado, Ahiliya Nat

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December 1944 Issue

New Spaceship's View.pdf

Contributors: Andrew Brown, Martina Lo, Patrik Perko

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October 1941 Issue

new doc 2017-04-12 11.02.11 (dragged) 4.pdf

Science Fiction Magazine

Contributors: Rahul Verma, Ilesh Jain

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May 1943 Issue


Contributors: Arya Mirshafii, Raynal Singh

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August 1941 Issue

new doc 2017-04-03 12.32.33.pdf

Contributors: Billy Plummer, Steven Shipley

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July 1942 Issue

SU Illustration 3 (pg 21).pdf

Contributors: Lillie Tate Andrews, Bell Many, Claire Hillis

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January 1945 Issue


Contributors: Eesh Chawla, Andrew Szidon

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